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At its heart, FTB embodies an ethos, an idea, and a philosophy that inspire a more accepting, stigma-free society.

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We envision a world where young people view their mental health struggles as worthy of recognition, prompting them to seek professional help and support.

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In 2021, Free The Bird was born from the personal challenges of its founder, Adnan Alkhalili, who was a sophomore at the time. Adnan grappled with anxiety attacks and their subsequent symptoms, an ordeal made heavier by societal stigma dictating that such struggles were abnormal. However, a pivotal moment occurred when Adnan's father likened his experiences to a bird trapped in a cage. This metaphor resonated deeply with Adnan, sparking a profound connection. This revelation laid the foundation for Free The Bird, marking the beginning of a journey towards collective healing and support, where Adnan realized he was far from alone in his experiences, fostering a community united in overcoming their struggles.

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