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Free the bird within you.

you matter, and so does your mental health

Free the Bird is a call to action by and for young people to champion the reality of mental health struggles. By sharing our stories and sparking new conversations, we are singing a song of change; one bird at a time.

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our story

Say it loud, "Free The Bird."

We are a growing collective of young people from across the globe, united in the pursuit of societal transformation through mental health advocacy.

Envision the plight of a bird yearning for the skies, yet trapped in a cage — this mirrors our mental health battles. Together, we can liberate our collective spirit. If you, too, recognize the critical importance of mental health, we invite you to spread your wings with us and say it loud.

Our Strategy

Free The Bird can only exist through the mobilization of young people. As such, we aim to inspire, empower, and promote advocacy through the provision of resources, mentorship, and services for our fellow champions. Our primary goal is to engage young people as leaders and changemakers in their communities, exemplifying the ethos of Free The Bird.

We aim to do this by:

  • Creating a story sense of community around the call to Free The Bird: Our central mission is to inspire our peers to feel comfortable in their own skin -- and we firmly believe in the power of unity to get that done.
  • Facilitating strategic networks between municipalities and community partners: We take a grassroots approach to progress through systematic change. Locals know their district’s needs better than anyone, so why not facilitate your own change?

Learn more about our current projects here.

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